Samstag, 24. September 2011


If you're in Istanbul and low on energy, take a walk to Eminonu port, in the old city, on the European side, spend two Turkish lira (a little less than 1 Euro) and hop on a ferry to Asia. The journey over the beautiful Bosphorus Strait is worth the trip alone.

On the Asian side of Istanbul, in the Kadıköy neighborhood, you'll find very few English speakers and plenty of köfte sausage and döner kebab. I had a hard time choosing which döner to eat until I spotted this man making bread to order in the front of the Bereket Döner shop. I didn't realize that Bereket is a chain until after I'd eaten my dürum döner, but the bread - minutes out of the tandoori oven - was so perfect I didn't care.

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