Samstag, 3. September 2011


Autobahncafe 24 / 92533 Wernberg-Köblitz / Keplerstr. 1

24h geöffnet ist immer gut - nicht nur für Taxifahrer! Dazu selbst um halb vier Uhr früh noch eine freundliche Bedienung - was will man mehr?!

That there is a town called Lederhose (leather pants) in what used to be East Germany is proof that Germans have a sense of humor.

South of Lederhose, in Bavaria, we found a 24-hour Autobahncafe (Keplerstr 1, Wernberg - Koeblitz) that sold us a pair of Weisswurst (breakfast sausage made with veal and pork that is traditionally eaten before noon) and a pretzel for 3.80 Euros. The pretzel (and the sweet mustard that came with it) was much more impressive than the watery wurst. All in all, not bad for a 3.30am snack.

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